Tommie Copper LogoRunning breaks our bodies down and ultimately we feel completely worn out and run down from training and, sometimes, overuse.  But finding proper running and recovery compression can make all the difference in a run or race, I have found.

Over the past few months my legs have been spent after every training run and/or race, especially with so many back to back half marathons.  I tried several different brands of compression gear, but ultimately wasn’t 100% happy when I actually ran in them for my long runs.  A friend and member of our running group recently had knee surgery and ran her first marathon not too far beyond her medical release to run.  I talked to her about my issues and she suggested giving the Tommie Copper line of compression a shot so I contacted them and received the knee sleeve and women’s compression shorts to use on my next few runs.

Here are a few facts about their products from them –


High density activated copper is permanently infused into all performance yarns. The proprietary PRO+IONIC copper fabric releases ions, which may help reduce the oxidants in the body and is a natural, permanent anti-bacterial agent with skin benefits.

Some benefits of copper are:

  • Increases oxygen transport in compression products
  • Neutralizes “free radicals”
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Emits ions
  • Has been used in medicine for thousands of years
  • Is one of the necessary micro-nutrients found naturally in the body


Compression products are only beneficial when they are being worn. All Tommie Copper products are developed with 3D compression providing multi-directional relief and all day comfort. Compression helps enhances muscle & joint performance, recovery and helps provide supportive relief from aches and pains.

Some benefits of compression are:

  • Stabilizes and supports muscles
  • Provides relief for muscle soreness or stiffness
  • Aids in performance recovery
  • Improves blood circulation in limbs
  • Promotes lactic acid breakdown after exercise in legs and feet

Tommie Copper Compression

As I planned my race outfit for my most recent half marathon in Tallahassee, I opted to incorporate these into my gear for the day.  I wore the compression shorts under my running skirt and slipped the knee sleeve on above my compression socks.

When I put all my gear on race morning, I was so pleasantly surprised how well the Tommie Copper compression shorts fit.  I didn’t feel like they were binding, as other brands had given me issues in the past and the knee sleeve was just as comfortable.  I was still a little apprehensive about how well they would hold up through the distance since usually products start to roll down or shift with use during the run.

Tommie Copper Women's Compression ShortsCompression Shorts – I ordered my compression shorts in the same size I would wear in a pair of running capris.  When I got dressed race morning, I observed that the compression shorts came up over my abdomen, just a little lower than my belly button, I really liked the place they hit me and as I progressed through the morning I actually forgot I had them on.  During my run, they never moved which was awesome!  I had no issues with the feeling that they were sliding down and the top never rolled down.  The compression support was perfect for me.  I have had some issues with left sciatic area and with the use of these shorts I never felt the pain that I had felt in all my previous weeks training runs.  When I finished my race, I kept them on as I awaiting other runners to finish and I still felt like I could wear them all day.  The next day, I never felt any issues in my hamstrings or hips and my recovery time seemed to be so much quicker than after previous races.

Tommie Copper Knee SleeveKnee Sleeve – I wore the knee sleeve on my right knee, the same knee that I felt like I was developing a gnawing ache in for the last few months.  I wanted to be more safe than sorry even if it meant wearing something that could slip down mid-run.  I loved that the knee sleeve elastic never irritated my super sensitive skin.  It literally fit, in my opinion, like second skin which I found was perfect for me.  I never spent a second thinking about how soon I could take it off or push it down from irritation.  As with the compression shorts, post race recovery day pain was minimal to none and I have had no residual use aches this week which was completely worth it!

I love that the Tommie Copper line of products is full of options at a very reasonable price.  They offer many options in several colors and the customer service is amazing.  I plan to order some additional products from them and cannot wait to race with the support of Tommie Copper for my marathon.

You can checkout Tommie Copper and their line of products for yourself and also check them out on social media for new product updates –