Progress Week 6 -2Progress – long-term progress is often a slow and calculated process.  We seek instant gratification and short-term fixes, but none of that ever seems to “stick” with us.

As I stepped on the scale and was measured on Monday for our 6-week assessment, I was reminded, transformations take time.  Slow, calculated and often a lot of patience.  Yes, I was in pretty good shape at the beginning of 2014, but it didn’t take that long to pack on some mid-section weight and inches which, unfortunately for me, takes much longer than that to work off.  BUT I’m so happy that I took the chance to push myself to step up to the challenge of Tabata Bootcamp and even more excited to be sharing this exercise process with so many beginning June 2nd when we start the Summer Session at the Studio.

PersistenceStrength – For me, my shoulder strength had gone way down hill.  In starting the program I was not even able to muster the strength to do a full body push up and even worse, push ups from my knees were not that much easier.  The last couple of weeks I have seen so much increased strength in my shoulders and upper body.  Full body push ups (sometimes 100’s per session) no longer seem so daunting to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly sore after those workouts, but the strength in my upper body is finally returning and that makes me much happier.  It has helped improve my posture and my core seems so much stronger too!

7.5 Mile RunEndurance – While I have been focusing on my strength with the HIIT training that Tabata Bootcamp offers, I have to say my running endurance has suffered.  Not because I am weaker, but because of scheduling issues and making time to run.  This past Sunday I had my longest run since the Georgia Half Marathon in March and OH BOY did I feel the change in my endurance (or lack thereof) from then to now.  I find it so sad that you can go from running 13 miles with not so much issue to feeling like you cannot even endure a 4 or 5 mile run and finish.  Though my running partner and I did set out on our run in the heat of the day, we still found some shade as I struggled through those 7+ miles on Sunday.  Time to buckle down and make time for running again when I can fit it in!

Stop Beating Yourself UpPiece of Mind – For me, the pictures are worth a thousand unspoken words, and seeing things we ultimately never want to face often are the things that change us most.  Seeing where I was last year and then at the beginning of 2014 and then where I began when I started Tabata Bootcamp 6 weeks ago there is one thing I find myself feeling when I look at those pictures on the left . . . ANGER!  But we are certainly always our own worst critics and we must make the decision to change and become healthier even if the entire process may not be all rainbows and sprinkles with a box of fun at the end of the day.  Piece of mind has been what pushes me each day.  Knowing that I can exert myself past my limits and keep going.  Making better choices (and not cheating myself) through the day with food.  Making sure that I work to get enough rest so my body is ready for a new day and to make sure that my focus is never deterred by little setbacks like no loss of inches or weight on assessment day.

the-harder-the-struggle-the-more-glorius-the-triumphSo I say it again, long-term change takes time, LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME!  There is no sustainable “quick fix” for healthy living.  It is a process that makes you realize life changes are necessary but most of all happiness is worth it!  Never judge a book by its cover and never step in front of a determined woman on her journey to getting healthier!

2 thoughts on “Transforming Me – Strength, Endurance & Piece of Mind

  1. Oh, push-ups. I use to be able to crank those babies out without much issue. But I’ve discovered that if you don’t include them in your routine on a fairly regular basis, you quickly lose the ability to do them.

    Your so right about transformation taking time. It takes much longer for your body to take a step forward than a step back. Plus, you have to factor in your own mental resistance.

    Good luck!

  2. I’m currently going thru the same thing endurance wise! I ran the NYC Marathon and then kinda fell off running for the winter. I’ve been getting back into it recently and was struggling during a 45 min run last week!

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