September Short Run Speed WorkLast weekend as I wrapped up a very emotional week I made myself commit to running a couple of miles on Saturday morning and then planned to do a long run on Sunday in preparation for my upcoming half marathon in Georgia.  Saturday morning I headed out and put in 2 miles (of running) and a mile of walking just to get my legs ready for Sunday.  I was so excited for cooler temps and while the humidity was a little high it was completely tolerable!  I was excited that I could get my fast run in at under a 10 mile per minute pace and that really made me more excited for Sunday’s longer run.

As my hubby stayed up late to watch the college football game on television, I opted to get in bed earlier so I would not be too exhausted to get up Sunday morning.  As the alarm went off at 4:45 am, I seemed to quickly turn it off instead of hitting snooze.  After laying there for a bit I got a soft, “uh, aren’t you running” from my hubs which was just what I needed to push me out of bed that morning.  Though I had planned to hit the pavement around 5 am, my 6:15 am time put me in some morning light which was a little nicer than the pitch black.

I had already planned out my route, which was a hilly course that I used last year to work on preparation for the hills of Atlanta.  This year I thought, if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.  So I planned to use that route Sunday.  As I finished the first half of the tough hills (which I was totally excited that I pushed through EVERY SINGLE ONE without walking) the sun was coming up and so was the temperature.  As I got to a spot that I could head back home and still gain 2 more miles, I opted to turn.  I had also been reluctant to wear compression socks because I have struggled with getting overheated during the summer running so I had no compression on my calves and my left one was beginning to ache a bit.  It was a choice to turn to stay healthy for the last few weeks of training and I still felt great.

I pushed on . . . As I got to the last 2 mile stretch of my run I kept telling myself to just keep running.  I really wasn’t exhausted and truthfully, I wasn’t in too much pain to make me need to walk.  I pushed through and when I rounded the corner I spotted another runner ahead on my route.  It told myself, run until you catch her and if you need to walk then you can.  I pushed on and caught her, then passed her and kept going.  I turned the corner to head back to my house and kept running.  My legs felt strong, it was good to have a great run for a change.

September Long RunAs I came down the final hill to my house I knew that I had completed one of my best runs in a really long while.  It was a slower pace, with plenty of opportunity to be in control of my breathing, concentrate on my stride and just enjoy my run.  It was, as they say, a good runner day!

So this week as I plan out my runs I will hold onto those moments of accomplishment and just remember that it’s just a hill and I CAN get over it!

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  1. You’ve got this, Tammy!!!!! Great job getting those runs in.

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