Over the weekend, my husband and I ventured out on a local vegetable and fruit pick-a-thon and ended up at Saladino’s Red Barn Farm located south of Tallahassee in Woodville, FL.  For the past two years I have asked my husband to go and pick blueberries for the freezer and for recipes, this year I plan to make blueberry jam, and finally on Saturday we made it out to pick.

Family owned by Steve and Tina Saladino.  A local pesticide free blueberry farm that is bountiful with fruit that is ripe for the picking!  They offer you all you need for picking, right down to bagging up your blueberries for you when you are finished picking.  Tina instructed me that I should grab the red bucket with the long  handle so I could just drape it around my neck as I picked, this did make it easier.  We stayed for about and hour and picked 8 lbs of fresh blueberries.  They charge $3.50 per pound and our 8 lbs only set us back $30.50.  You can’t beat that!  As we were leaving she said that the day before a couple came and picked 50 lbs, which we were shocked because there were still so many blueberries available to be picked.

Located in Woodville at 57 Valley Rise Rd, from downtown Tallahassee take South Monroe/US-27 South for about 10 miles through the town of Woodville, FL.  Turn right onto Edelle Road, then turn right onto Old Woodville Road, first left onto Bob Miller Road and then after 1.3 miles turn left onto Valley Rise Road.  You will see the Blueberry Farm sign at Valley Rise Road, follow the signs all the way back to the farm.  Tina informed us that they are generally open until dark through mid July.  You can call ahead to make sure blueberries are still available by calling (850) 421-1627.

So why blueberries?  Go back and read through my earlier post ‘Tis the season to be Berry and the great health benefits that berries give us.  Berries are in season so fill your freezers and refrigerators!  These are great in smoothies, pancakes, muffins, jams and many other recipes as well as just right out of the refrigerator.

We ended our day with a stop at my father-in-law’s garden to pick up some vegetables.  Cucumbers, eggplant, butternut squash, okra, tomatoes and zucchini!  It was a great day for picking fresh local food!