As many of my friends know, I am a strict Mizuno running shoe girl, specifically the Wave Creation.  But recently I was given the opportunity through the Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project to give the new Wave Sayonara running shoe a test!


I have worn them for three runs now and here’s what I think about them so far –

Womens Wave SayonaraOverall fit – I love the low-profile construction of the shoe.  I am always nervous when a shoe appears to be somewhat narrow, so the fact that the toe-box area of the shoe is not as narrow fitting as it seems was a nice relief.  This is one of the reasons that I love my Wave Creations so much.

Stability – When I run I am generally a heel striker with a some supination, except on hills when I use my forefoot to get the full benefit of my calf strength to get me up the hill.  The Wave Sayonara offers the stability that I need for my strike without making me feel overly fatigued on distance runs.

Cushion – I have tried the minimal running shoes in the past and know that I must have somewhat moderate to neutral cushion available for my running shoes.  I like the fact that this shoe has cushion, but not too much and remains very light weight.  Another way that some running shoes can make you fatigue quicker is by weighing you down I have found and this shoe does not do that.

Wave SayonaraAvailable everywhere on July 5th, the Wave Sayonara, aptly named, “our lightest running shoe yet” will be replacing the Wave Precision which many distance runners refer to as their Marathon Shoe.

I am looking forward to alternating this shoe with my other Mizuno running shoes through the summer training and fall half marathon schedule!  Get yours beginning July 5th by visiting the Mizuno Running Store online!