Whole30 Day 1 - "The Ugly Truth"

Week 1 IS DONE!  Today begins day 8 on my next step of the #whole30 journey!  The hardest part of this week, posting the above picture for the world to see!  ACCOUNTABILITY!

Here’s a recap of week 1 based on my S.M.A.R.T. Goal guidelines –

Nutrition – Both the hardest and easiest part of the #Whole30 is the food.  Hardest part, fighting the cravings and making time to make your meals ahead of time.  Easiest part, grab-and-go food for all three meals each day along with amazing pre and post workout options that I was finally introduced to on Day 6, THANK GOODNESS!  Check out my go-to recipe stops for what to eat that is #Whole30 Approved

Food3The foodThe food2

Sleep – THANK GOODNESS FOR EARPLUGS!  I have slept with earplugs for the past 7 nights and while I initially chose to sleep with them was because my poor husband can snore loud enough to bring down the house (or the tent when we camp out) I found that I was getting a more sound sleep using them since I am such a light sleeper.  I purchased the SureFire EarPro EP3 Sonic Defenders Earplugs Hearing Protection from Amazon.com and got them in yesterday and last night was my first night with these earplugs HOLY FULL NIGHTS SLEEP, I feel refreshed!

The Earplugs

Stress Management – While I have not stuck to my “get up and walk the block” over the past week at work, due to year-end work and poor weather in my town, this is something I will be working on in week 2!

Exercise – I kept my goal of working out at least 6 out of 7 days per week in some form, whether strenuous or not and I also ran my first official run of 2013 and promptly puked!  Yup, that’s gross, but it’s part of the ugly truth, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, finished my run!  I also reignited an old favorite of my workout routine in rowing.  Sunday morning I woke up and felt a sudden urge to hit the rower, so off to the gym that has rowers and fingers crossed those rowers still worked (this particular gym stinks at keeping equipment UP TO PAR).  5000 meters later, success!

The RunThe Row

Active Recovery – Lots and lots and lots and lots of Epsom Salt Baths, one massage on day three and a lot of early to bed nights for full sleep recovery.  Yes, I committed to this goal and stuck to it!

Epsom Salt

Injury Rehab – N/A this week.

Fun and Play – I committed to spend more quality time with my Husband on days with downtime; however, this week being one week after the New Year holiday, we were not able to make this happen for a full day, BUT we did manage to make it out to dinner one night for some awesome one-on-one time together.

Personal Growth – I have grown my reading library for 2013 for sure!  With more than 6 books now ready for me to read, I see myself growing with information beyond my 30 days and committing to it.

It Starts With Food

Temperance – My goal to not flop in front of the television during down-time is very hard, but I am making an effort.  This is another thing I need to work on as I start week 2!

So there you have it.  A week of #Whole30 S.M.A.R.T. Goal Progress.  I’m pushing forward and oh yeah, NO INFLAMMATION!

Here is a note from me to you for the coming week – So give me another EXCUSE why you shouldn’t try this!

Day 8 #Whole30 - Week 1 DONE

8 thoughts on “Week 1 DONE – #Whole30 – So give me another EXCUSE why you shouldn’t try this!

  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait to follow your progress! How much time are you spending preparing your meals? Do you cook your weekly meals all on one or two days?

    1. Thank you Devon! I try to cook a majority of my food in one day, but I have incorporated meals for others in my house and they are adjusting to some of my foods without too much resistance. It’s a tough change for some things, I miss little things, but it’s not earth shatteringly miserable. 😉

  2. I started Whole30 on January 1st as well and so far loving it. I put a link on my first post about it to your homemade condiments post… it was so good! I am glad things are working out for you too!

  3. Great progress! I am reading It Starts With Food now and want to start the Whole30, as soon as I finish the book. Keep going, you’re doing awesome!

  4. You go girl! Glad to see your progress. Thanks for being bold enough to post the photos. I took photos, but just hid them… eek. I am working on my fitness level, too. Increasing exercise and reducing stress this year. I am going to be who I’ve always wanted to be! Thanks for the wonderful credit on your home page.

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