Week 2 comes to a close and by far, the most frustrating question that I have had to field since starting this program is, “Why are you doing this, another diet?  Is it to lose weight?”  Yes, weight and/or inches can be an added bonus of breaking the vicious cycle of the Sugar Train, but I have to say that derailing the sugar train after years of riding it towards horrific health issues has to be the best thing I have done for myself in quite sometime.

My final answer to that question is this – This is not a diet in the sense that I am depriving myself to gain a quick fix, to me this program (not diet) is a MUCH REQUIRED life-changing eating plan that will help me not take medication as long as possible and aid in keeping my inflammation in check.

Here’s a recap of Week 2 based on my S.M.A.R.T. Goal guidelines –

Nutrition – I’VE GOT THIS!  From daily breakfast scrambles with a side of sweet potato that tends to hold me over without the urge to snack until noon, to throwing my husband’s birthday party at our home (store-bought birthday cake and all), I’ve gotten past the awkward emotions of can I do this and have moved on to, what is this new food and I wonder how these will taste together.  I’ve definitely moved outside my food comfort zone.  From Spaghetti Squash to Jicama – been there, ate that!   I’ve even found a source for pre/post workout fuel in the LÄRABAR® Cashew Cookie and a select variety of no additives pureed fruit sold as baby food in pouches.

Spaghetti Squash and Swordfish


I also had my first three experiences with dining out on the #Whole30 and I was terrified.  Here are my recounts immediately following two of the restaurant experiences:

January 8th LUNCH – I had lunch at one of my favorite lunch spots which does not cater to the #whole30 mentality of eating.  I scanned the menu terrified that I would not find anything that I could make whole30 approved and finally after the 3rd pass, I found a swordfish dish with a side of asparagus and some other “you can’t have that” items.  When the waitress arrived I ordered first and asked for the swordfish and the asparagus and that she ’86 the rest of the items.  It came with a “sauce” which I promptly asked to be on the side in case it had sugar.  My companions all ordered several of my favorite dishes, none of which would ever pass the whole30 or paleo factors on food for me to eat.  I felt very happy in my decision for my lunch option.  My food came and it was a dismal amount, but it was healthy, clean and whole30 approved.  Our server was very apologetic and insisted on bringing me a side of extra veggies to go with my food since I could not have the rest of the items that would have come with my dish.  I happily accepted her generous offer, BUT when the veggies arrived it seemed obvious that they had been sautéed in butter. ;(

January 8th DINNER – My family attended a talk led by my father-in-law at a local hiking trail society meeting about the Alaska Trek that he, my husband and my brother-in-law had just embarked on this past August.  The talk beginning at 7 pm, I felt panic all afternoon on whether I would be able to get food and then the fact that we would most likely eat out (yes, two restaurants in one day, panic) I needed to make sure that I consumed some whole30 approved stuff before we left home.  In Means fashion, the family opted to eat dinner at a local restaurant not far from the speaking venue that offers an amazing beer selection (my husband’s favorite type of place) and a ton of scrumptious NON-WHOLE30 food like homemade potato chips, wings, etc.  Again, in sheer panic, I grabbed up the menu and started looking it over.  Sadly, most dishes were served on some type of bread or wrap and the salads were laden with cheese and other stuff I couldn’t have or they were close to $20, which I just was not willing to fork out.  So I opted for their Cobb Salad and made it Whole30 friendly all the way down to Oil and Vinegar for my dressing option.  Thank goodness my willpower has held out for me in what just started my week 2 of Whole30!

Sleep – Ahhhh, the second best part of my days, the fact that I can crawl into bed between 8:45 and 9:00 pm and fall sound asleep (earplugs in) and sleep through the night.  I’m feeling so rested these days!  Crazy dreams are subsiding and I LOVE IT!  (Yes, I know, 8:45 pm, REALLY?!? . . . in the Means’ house, we say REALLY!)

Stress Management – Stress and emotions have tried to get the best of me this second week.  Ultimately breaking me down on my Saturday run into a blubbering emotional mess!  It pushed through and finished, even though walking and found myself trying to figure out just why I had allowed stress and emotion to take over on this day.  Today I realize HORMONES were the culprit!

StressExercise – As I recall, it has been quite sometime since I have committed to a six-day a week workout.  From early mornings at the gym doing conditioning with my hubby to other mornings of peddling my calories off at cycle and finishing out this past weekend with what my sister-in-law calculates as a 20+ mile cycle ride on a local nature trail near their house, I’ve committed and succeeded at exercise!  Just need to continue to work on fitting and sticking to my running training schedule.

Pre 20 Mile Bike RideActive Recovery – Still lots and lots and lots of Epsom Salt baths and THANKFULLY I finally got the Trigger Point Performance “The Grid” Foam Roller to further aid recovery.

the Grid

Injury Rehab – Thankfully still N/A this week!

Fun and Play – My fun and play commitment this week was a success as I was able to spend the weekend celebrating my husband’s birthday and, as I stated above, spending some quality time with him enjoying a trail bike ride on  Sunday.  Though it seemed a little intimidating to go so far, I was so happy we got a chance to get out and enjoy such a beautiful ‘Spring-Like’ day in North Florida near the coast.

Personal Growth – Reading, reading, reading . . . I still need to push myself to get through my books.  Nothing seemed to be more exciting to me in December than reading through “It Starts with Food” but since it takes a lot for me to commit to following through with a book, I must make myself find time to continue on my goal of getting my reading about nutrition in the next few weeks.


Temperance – Yes, we are still working on that “not flopping in front of the television” goal in my house.  Quieting my mind seems tough these days, but I’m still working on it and I’m not giving up.

So now on to Week 3.  Where shall I end up?  I know I will still find myself on track, I’ve  made it too far to turn back now.  Some bits of anxiety arise in the back of my mind about the #Whole31 and beyond, but I know that if I make a plan and read the resources available to me that I will  make it on this new path.  AND my husband is now on board too!

Day 15

9 thoughts on “Week 2 WHO KNEW!?! – #Whole30 Derailing the Sugar Train

  1. YES! Eating out healthy definitely can be done – it just takes a little creativity. Don’t be afraid to request “no oil or butter.” I might sound like a pain in the butt when ordering, but if I’m paying for my food I’d like it cooked the way I prefer. 🙂

    1. Agreed! I’ve become pretty awesome at special ordering and I ain’t shy about it 🙂 My health, my meal, my option! I’m paying right?! hehe

      Great job btw!!! That book looks good too 🙂

  2. Wow, your progress is awesome!! So good!
    I’ve never seen a foam roller with a grid, do you like it better than the normal, smooth one? It looks nice 🙂

    1. Thank you! The foam roller is awesome! Check out Trigger Point Performance’s website. They have a lot of amazing recovery products available.

  3. Glad to hear your second week is going well, I’m on my final countdown to starting and it’s encouraging to read all the successes. Best wishes to a great week 3 and 4!

  4. Way to go! I am at the same point as you. Can’t believe I was able to give up sugar, alcohol, SODA and such. But I succeeded! Have eaten out twice, tricky but thankfully I bring my own salad dressing, hidden in my purse. So glad the cravings are gone!
    Good luck with the rest of your adventure!

    1. Congratulations to you also! I love the new concept of eating without sugar and the inclusion of alcohol! It is an amazing journey and I am so happy I decided to go for it! Good luck on the rest of your adventure also! I know you will succeed!

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