Last Taper Run for GeorgiaThis week as I prepared for another race weekend, I also prepared for a last-minute taper run to start the weekend out on a good note.  I met several of our Moms RUN This Town Mamas for a quick 3-miler on one of my favorite running areas of town and just let what was going to be, be.

This entire week, I’ve been on the fence about what I would wear, how hard the Georgia hills were going to be and most of all just embracing the run, no matter the outcome.  It has helped me focus more on quality for sure, much better than being down on myself earlier this week over something that’s really nothing . . . TIME!  This morning I had three of our ladies join me and we got started right away.  A couple of the ladies I had not met in person yet and it’s always nice to put a face with a Facebook profile within our group.  This made for great ‘get to know you’ conversation for the whole 3 miles and I’m not usually a talker when I run.  Before I knew it we were back at the car and done.  I had not thought one time about running fast and only looked at my pace once because someone asked while we were on the way back.  It was a nice change, much like the change of the weather here in North Florida.

never-give-upYes, Spring usually calls for all those April showers and dreaded pollen filled May flowers, but I’m welcoming Spring this year with open arms.  I have many local 5k races scheduled throughout the month of April and I am trying something new this year with our local track club’s Summer Trail Series and though I am a self-proclaimed road runner, I am looking forward to trying something new in my running journey.

Monday I also start a new 8-week workout program called Tabata Bootcamp and I am looking forward to working hard to get stronger and get rid of the excess weight I put on through marathon and half marathon training this Fall and Winter.  I love how Spring brings new beginnings and I’m looking forward to seeing what beauty the Spring season brings for me in 2014!

I’m off to the Georgia Half Marathon this weekend for my 12th half marathon, so look for my race recap early next week.  I’m really excited for this race because it will be the first race that my Mom has been able to join me for the road trip . . . LOOKOUT HOT-LANTA!

Until then, wishing you swift feet and HAPPY MILES! xo

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  1. Tammy I want to meet you finally! I will be at the MRTT picture meet up spot. I’ll be in an orange Ragnar Ambassador shirt, black shorts, and MRTT visor. I’ll tag you in my flat mama later today!

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