As we head into the weekend and the last week of January, let’s have a little check-in here!  How are you doing on those 2015 goals?  Have you already let them fall by the wayside?  Have you given up because you had a little setback on your new eating plan?  Are you hitting the snooze more than you are getting up to get those workouts done?  WELL, re-commit to make those 2015 goals happen!

Ask yourself, “What are you doing today to change your tomorrow!?!”  Are you really wishing that the one setback on your new eating plan hadn’t thrown you in a total downhill spiral?  Then make a commitment to get back at it tomorrow.  Recommit to those fitness routines.  Up those miles in your running game to be ready for race weekend.  BUT whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

I know some days it’s just dang hard work to stay focused, but realistic goals begin with realistic expectations and actions.  If you feel like having something “off plan” have it, but just a few bites.  If your body is telling you to rest, BY ALL MEANS, get to bed a little earlier or grab a catnap when you have a few free moments.

Clean EatingMeal planning is your best kept secret.  Take some time and hit the store this weekend.  Map out those snacks, dinners and lunches.  If you don’t want to commit to the same stuff for 5 days (because frankly, that gets boring) plan for 3 days ahead and make those meals!  Take a mid-week trip back to the market and start over with some quick and simple, yet healthy, options to keep it fresh and exciting.  Because, let’s face it, FOOD is exciting!  It drives us and our brains, but unfortunately it also drives up the inches and scale if we are not careful.  It’s easy to be bored with “the same ole, same ole” lunch and opt to order out.  But a mid-week change-up is like your exercise routines where you throw in a little curve ball to keep your body guessing and those cravings satiated.

So today I challenge you to get back on track.  Find your 2015 path again and GET BACK TO WORK on being the best you that you can be!