encourage-and-empowerDefying odds. Encouraging others. Inspiring the uninspirable. Looking beyond YOU!

Those are just a few things that are beautiful to me, but let me give you a little more detail ~

Defying odds. Recently, a close friend, who is also my husband’s best friend, received a diagnosis of brain cancer. The news was a devastating blow to our tight-knit group of friends which prompted us to rally around him and his family to support them through the tough road ahead. Over the past couple of weeks, we have all faced tough emotions that sometimes seemed to overwhelm us with dread and fear. But moving forward from the horrible news we received we know that what matters the most is how we live our life. No, not in the same sense of how much our house or cars costs, but what kind of “house” we create for our lives. In other words how we treat our body and our mind. Our friend underwent his first surgery last week and we are hopeful and highly optimistic that he will be around for years to come with some help from treatment and continued healthy living lifestyle.

Encouraging others. To me, inspiring and encouraging others is so mentally fulfilling. I often find myself on a natural high when someone shares with me how something I wrote or did inspired them to try a little harder or make small changes for the better. I used to find myself living in an overwhelming place of mental dread, allowing others to influence my mental state and my feelings. Let’s face it, these days it is so simple to do. Everyone seems to be in competition with each other, whether it be for athletic abilities or getting someone to join a specific clique.

Inspiring the uninspirable. Often times I hear a lot of people balk at all the running, working out and other activities that I participate in. “You’re doing too much”, “You should concentrate on one thing”, “Jeez, all you ever post about is exercise” . . . Well, to those people I say, my posting and writing about my activities got you to think enough to post a response. Maybe one day it will inspire you enough to get up and make some changes for yourself. Most Americans seem to be stuck in a rut. A rut of overeating, binge drinking and a chronic state of “couch potato-ness”. I believe if you start out with small realistic changes in your day-to-day habits then you will eventually make bigger strides in reducing weight, chronic illness and many other ailments that come along with a sedentary lifestyle. I will continue to strive to inspire the uninspirable while continuing to hold myself accountable!

Looking beyond YOU! Over the past few months I have made a point to look beyond myself. Because, after all, when you are trying to inspire and find what’s beautiful it is generally much bigger than YOU! Yes, I have huge goals of getting back to the healthiest I can be while still enjoying time with my family and friends. Yes, I do love to still indulge in the occasional sweet tooth treat (well, I’d say I overindulged recently on a certain Skinny Cow ice cream treat, but that’s all water under the bridge or Ice Cream in the tummy – 🙂 ) and above all, I love to LIVE! I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud of what I have left behind. Encouragement, positive influence and a to inspire others to look beyond the gloom and doom. Empower people to LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH!

So I challenge you to make a change. Push a little harder. Be a little kinder and look around and ask yourself, will you be proud of the inspire.bmpfootprints you left behind? This IS What’s Beautiful to me!

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