Self-doubt, internal judging, the naysayer in your head . . . mostly all to blame for not going after your goals 110% like we should.  I can’t because I just don’t have the strength to do that, I can’t because I am not where I want to be with my fitness level, I feel like I’m too overweight to try that.  Those are all the things that have overwhelmed my thoughts not just lately, but before I decided to make positive changes this year.  There is so much truth in the fact that we are our own worst hater a lot of the time.  Taking the negative in our heads and letting it run ramped all over the goals we want to accomplish and crushing the desire to just GET UP and get moving.

Where I BeganEven before the beginning of the year I was TERRIFIED internally of the challenges I knew I would face when I decided to sign up for TRX Team Camp that began 2 days after my birthday this year.  Excuses I gave myself, there was a SUPER long list and my doubt continued to keep ’em coming each day.  But I decided to sign up for multiple regular schedule TRX classes to get my body right and more importantly, my mind right on the fact that I could do the moves (even if I had to make modifications) and build on those gains each week.  The photo on the left is where I began after I wrecked my body from poor nutrition choices during marathon training in 2015.  YOU CANNOT OUTRUN POOR NUTRITION!

Where I am TodayThe photo on the right is from this morning’s TRX Team Camp.  This week, as we begin our 4th week of TRX Team Camp at the Studio I realized, though my grip strength is significantly diminished, I can still hold my weight for some very intense moves that require not only core and lower body strength, but that my hands and arms SHOW UP to push through.  When I took the classes before TRX Team Camp I couldn’t do even one push-up with my feet in the straps.  It wasn’t self-doubt, I just didn’t have the upper body strength to push it out.  Now 4 weeks in, I was able to step up to our Team Challenge today and complete not 10 feet in straps Push-Ups but all 20!  Something that I really wanted to accomplish, put in the time and made happen.

Self-Doubt QuotesThere is so much more that I want to accomplish and I’m already sad that we only have 4 weeks left of TRX Team Camp, but you can bet your money that when sign-ups come for the next round of camp, I’m going to be on that list.  Putting in the effort and challenging myself to MAKE.CHANGE.HAPPEN!  Leaving my number 1 naysayer speechless!

I’ll leave you with this.  In life, even if it’s not fitness, make a plan and take the time to check what you need to do to get that goal accomplished and no matter how often your self-doubt creeps in, just keep going.  There is nothing that can take down a determined person with a good plan in place that is showing up everyday and making it count!

Until next time . . . xo

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