SugarThis week I embarked on my 2nd round of the Whole30 program, but most importantly to me, a sugar detox which was what I felt was totally out of control up to that point!  We always seem to be reading about people posting their downward spirals from sugar, but to actually be living it in your food consumption is really a crazy crazy feeling.  For some people genetics make consumption of sugar and other refined goods a non-issue, but not my genes and my belly and booty are proof of that!

Brownies So as I started the week I knew that I had to get a good handle on the cravings that I was experiencing so I opted to cut out fruit this first week also, just to help me get over the hump of EAT ALL THE SUGAR.  It was really really REALLY tough, no REALLY, it was tough!  Walk into the kitchen at my office and see this bowl of brownies and pound cake . . . (insert expletive here!)  That is straight up office sabotage at its best!  Even tougher was trying to find foods that would leave me feeling satiated and hold me through to the next meal.  I opted for large breakfast portions which included some carbs, a big lunch salad with some protein and good fats and for dinner another good protein and veggie dinner with a little good fat so I wasn’t going to bed with a full belly.

Here’s what I found that first week . . .

I only crave carbs when I eat a lot of carbs!  I added the baked sweet potato back to my breakfast plate which is great for fighting inflammation and a good source of breakfast “sweet” for those mornings when you would rather be eating a huge waffle instead!

I really really really love fresh fruit and when I don’t have it I feel like I am really missing out!  I don’t go for fruit juices and have not for quite a while because of all the added sugars in processing them to pulp and juice, but a good tangelo orange or a big strawberry, yeah, those items were missed a lot!

It really stinks to go to the grocery store and get to the checkout and have all those chocolate bars and sugar filled “impulse buys” staring back at you.  Even in the express lane I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough!  I know and remember that gets easier to pass on each week, but this week, not so much!

It’s ok to be a little bit hungry all the time!  Not starving mind you, but a little hungry.  It reminds me that my metabolism is hard at work and encouraging me to think about what I will fuel it with the next meal.

Running and excessive exercise the first week is tough.  I found myself having to walk several times on my short runs this week and while I felt defeated, I had to remind myself that my body was low on recently consumed sugar!  Bring on the DT (detox) sweats!  GRACIOUS!

If you have something going on with your body and you have checked out everything else AND you have exercised religiously, it MUST BE what you are eating/drinking that is inhibiting your ability to lose inches!  I do remember that from my first round in 2013, but feeding our faces with overstimulating goodies really makes us lose sight of that fact until we regain that feeling in another “diet clean-up” experience.

EAT REAL FOOD always!  Yes, its edible = real food, but edible isn’t always healthy!  Note to self . . . keep off the sugar and even slightly processed foods no matter how hard it may seem!

Final Tabata AssessmentAnd there you have it, my first week “feedback” recap.  Though I will be incorporating fruit back into my daily meals, I will certainly keep the portion of that in check so that I do not spike my sugar cravings back up there again.  More meal planning is certainly a huge part of starting the second week and some R-n-R time with my family after 8-weeks of intense Tabata Bootcamp is certainly welcomed!!

Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to accomplish.  Whether it be in eating, exercise or attitude.  Your drive and will to succeed sometimes seem to be lacking, but there are so many rooting for you to make it that you may never realize!  I say, GO FOR IT and don’t look back!

3 thoughts on “When your determination to say “I did it” is bigger than that chocolate brownie! . . . Week 1 of my Sugar Detox is done!

  1. This is so good for me to read as I finish my first week on the Whole30 program.

    It’s rough, but I’ve been pretty satisfied for the most part. You look and seem like you feel great! 🙂

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