passionWell, as Week 3 comes to a close and as I begin the trot through the final week, I ponder many things about this journey to where I will end up.

First, quitting is not an option, unless it is composed of quitting bad habits!  I have many things I am proud to say I have accomplished through this process, which I will save details for the final Whole30 check-in, but I am really proud of how far I have come and what I have learned about myself.

Secondly, I have just 32 days until my first big hurdle of 2013, which will be participating in my first Half-Marathon on February 24th in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon with some really amazing women.  I look forward to the entire event, good and bad, and will embrace my finish with happiness that I did it.  (Of course I will follow it up with a recap blog for those interested parties.)

Finally, I am thankful for everything, the path that I have chosen for myself with this program, the commitment that I have shown myself that I can have and the determination to not give up even when I am faced with peer pressure and social settings that test my limits.  I AM the only one that can make positive changes and the only one that is ultimately responsible for my actions.  Yeah, it’s a little hokie, but I have learned a lot in 22 days.

So here is my Week 3 recap based on my S.M.A.R.T. Goal guidelines –

Nutrition – Nothing tastes better than real food!  I admittedly still have cravings for the bad things which are not Whole30 approved, but I choose not to indulge in those options.  What gets me over the hump?  Knowing how bad I used to feel when I consumed them and the guilt of eating less than healthy options even if they are healthy for others.  Not experiencing the icky feeling of the bloat and inflammation, makes every single sacrifice worth it.  Real food is GOOD and flavorful!  I cannot believe how my palette has changed in such a short time.

Sleep – The feeling of a well rested body is priceless, PRICELESS I TELL YOU!  It empowers you to get up and start your active day knowing that you’ve taken the time to nurture your body with the sleep and rest it needs.  Earplugs for life baby, earplugs for life!  The soundest sleep you will ever get!

Stress Management – Getting up and moving and talking about what bothers me instead of holding it in, yes it’s a good thing.  I’ve often been accused of speaking my mind too much at times, but these days I can speak my mind with more clarity and taking the time to really evaluate why I feel the way I am feeling and express my feelings with more concise responses instead of the first thing that emotionally pops into my head, and is an amazing feeling.

Exercise – A must must must for me.  I will never give up on myself again, though listening to my body is still a very important aspect of my weekly exercise routine.  6 days a week is a lot, but it’s totally worth it to me for mobilization and overall well-being, especially mentally!

Active Recovery – I’ve said it every week and I’ll say it again, lots and lots and lots of Epsom Salts and other active recovery methods are really important, not just for the Whole30 program, but for anyone participating in strenuous activities.  You may not realize it, but those extra few minutes at the end of your favorite group fitness class set aside for stretching . . . STAY THE 5 EXTRA MINUTES, your body will thank you for it later!

Injury Rehab – Still not applicable for me, thankfully!

Personal Growth – I am loving the book that I started called, ‘We Have Met the Enemy, Self-Control in an Age of Excess‘ and recommend anyone who is struggling through anything to read this book.  It has changed me in just a few short chapters and how I hold myself accountable for my actions, because after all, that’s who should be held accountable!

Temperance – My goal of less television is going to be the death of me!  I have a hard time quieting my mind at the end of my day and just simply turning it off and reading doesn’t always seem to get me there, but I’m still committed to working on that.

I leave you this weeks update with no amazing before and after photos (not because they don’t exist), but just with the knowledge that I am on the home stretch and I look forward to my final check-in for my first Whole30 program.  2013 has already been such an amazing year and I’m looking forward to what this week has in store for me.

5 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 3 – Quitting is not an option, unless it is composed of quitting bad habits!

    1. Thank you and good luck with your Whole30 journey! I’m planning to continue it beyond my day 30 expiration date, I love the results that much.

    1. Thank you Natalie! I totally agree. I had a down day yesterday. I am not sure if it was due to the fact that I needed to rest or that I may have been fighting some sort of cold. I felt much better this morning, as today was a new day. Good luck on your Whole30! 🙂

  1. It’s amazing how much you have learned in such a short period! It’s great how everyone forgets how amazing REAL food is and then after eating again it’s We all get sucked into the bad habits, but if you can break them, that is awesome! Good for you on all of your accomplishments!

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