Stay PositiveSome weeks, admittedly, staying accountable is harder than others.  But I find that the more I have people watching what I am doing fitness and eating wise, the more I am apt to stay on track.  I share everything, as most folks know, about my meals, recipes, fitness and running.  But some days, I feel like that drains me and becomes counter productive.  That’s when I seem to kinda fall off track with keeping it going.

Food – Tracking your food, to me, is really really hard.  I know a lot of people write it down religiously or track it through and app on their phone, but to me it’s one more thing I have to keep track of.  So, I take note in my head more often these days to reduce the stress which may push me to potentially fall off the wagon.  I mean, we are being honest here.  This week, after our nutrition workshop with F.U.E.L. Nutrition at the Studio, I found myself being more accountable with eliminating so much sugar from my daily diet.  I cut back on the amount of honey I added to my coffee and I switched to a half of a sugar-free popsicle snack instead of some other sugary option.

Fitness – As we have begun our new round of Fall Tabata Bootcamp at the studio and I have the pleasure of teaching upper body and core, I am excited that it has helped me stay on track with my cross-training.  The addition of my Thursday morning Piloxing class also helps with getting the rest of my body into a workout.  Committed on days when we don’t feel like doing things is always better served when you don’t have an option to sleep in!  I mean, really, some days it’s easy to hit that snooze button and say, “I’ll do it tonight or tomorrow!”  But when you think about it honestly, will you?  Is that what you’ve done to this point?  Stay accountable, find people and groups that will help you with that.  And sometimes a little Facebook Cyber pushing will help you stay on track.

Running – As I started my week, I ran three straight days in a row.  Mind you, I am a firm believer in a day or days of rest in between runs, especially if they are somewhat challenging runs.  But Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the pavement.  I have just under 50 days until my first attempt at an Ultra here in my hometown, a 50K and while I am excited, I know that I have to continue to push through and get my miles in.  Training is where you finish the distance running.  Race day doesn’t care if you are ready or not, it comes all the same.  So as I finished out my cross-training for this week this morning with my Tabata Bootcamp core class, I will plan for  my long run this weekend and then a day of recovery time.  Because for me, recovery time has to be scheduled like everything else in my crazy hectic life.

So that’s my week and I have to say that it was not just myself holding me accountable, it was our students, my followers and myself.  Pushing, pushing, pushing and Never Giving Up, even when I stumble!  I want to hear from you!  What kept you accountable this week?  Committed to your positive changes in lifestyle?  Aware of things you did/didn’t do or ate/didn’t eat?  Share your struggles, your triumphs!  And don’t forget to be kind to yourself EVEN when you have setbacks!

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