Have you ever entered a room, restaurant, gym, department store, doctor’s office or other public facility and seen someone in the corner that just caught your eye for some unknown reason.  Making you stop and think, for reasons unknown to you, I wonder if that person is ok.  Maybe then dismissing that instant of thought and going about your business, but maybe not.  I am often drawn to people who have a particular look about them and wonder to myself, “are they ok??”  Often times mental intuition can draw you to someone in passing who may be having a life crisis, a rejoicing inner happy moment or maybe just trying to find their path on a journey to the next step of their life.

Being a shy personality, I often find it too forward to go over to someone who I do not even know.  Having been a person in some or all of those situations in life, I started thinking, what if people were just kinder to each other.  Maybe not giving a handout, but giving a little support to someone who they do not even know.  Yes, it is most of the time, a leap of faith and, let’s face it, in today’s world not always the safest or smartest thing to do.  Someone just reading into my body language or lack of attendance at an event and reaching out to just say, “hey, I was thinking of you and wanted to say hi” often means the world and helps pick us up from low places we may be.

Living day-to-day is a struggle of mental and physical agility.  Many people are facing more downs than ups and wanting to change their path to seek out what they need and want from life.  I have many struggles on a daily and weekly basis, but focusing on what I can change about the future and releasing the negative drain of the past, makes it oh so much easier.  Don’t get me wrong, I do also suffer from those days, days when I cannot bring myself to cope with hardship and become overwhelmed and often it takes me a day to regroup and figure out where I need to go forward and what I need to change about what brought myself to that place.  I have thought about it and found that the thoughts that brought me to that place may be that I have not nurtured my marriage or family enough, maybe I was not there for a friend that really needed only a few minutes of my time or all too often, maybe I am just spreading myself too thin with working too many angles to get myself from behind an 8-5 desk job!  Whatever it is that brings me down, I take some time, recharge and refocus on what is really important and go forward.  We are creatures of habit, we often revert back to those places, maybe not that day or that week, but eventually and we have to change our focus again.

Finding priorities in my life is one of the hardest tasks that I feel I have to face.  Do I put my businesses first this week, do I focus on my writing for the blog, do I spend the week reaching out to others and checking in, do I spend a selfish weekend squirreled away on the boat or camping with my wonderfully patient husband?  I mean, let’s face it, he is married to a redhead after all and puts up with a lot!  Truly, I find most of my peace in sitting down for a day and knocking out two to three blog posts and getting things right with myself, it is like my therapy.  The most difficult decision I ever made was to put myself out there, open to criticism, but it empowers me to be a better person, make a more positive influence on people and maybe, just  maybe, reach out to that one person sitting in the corner and giving them a little boost of positive enabling them to move forward.

So the next time you pass someone, offer them a smile, if someone you know comes into your mind and you think maybe they need a little positive, send them a text, email or even give them a phone call.  You may be surprised how such a simple act may change someone’s day for the better.