Valentine RoseThis weekend as my husband and I traveled to an event in Tampa, we were constantly bombarded over the radio with commercials about sending flowers or candies to that special someone.  This seemed to strike a nerve with my husband throughout the trip.  Each time the commercial would come on the radio he would proclaim, why celebrate love only one day out of the year with a holiday that the floral industry has dubbed most important for showing that special someone how much you love them with flowers and/or candies.  As we arrived back home on Sunday evening and tuned in to some movies to wind down the weekend we were again bombarded with commercials full of expressions of love with things, but this time it was a barrage of jewelry, I think one commercial came on no less than 3 times before the show we were watching returned to programming.  Even I responded with a, REALLY!?!

loveI know a lot of people find it a wonderful holiday full of expressions of love and affection through things, but to me, expressions of love through actions and affection mean so much more.  So this year, as we approach the Holiday of Love, I challenge you to show that special someone you love how you feel with more than just things.  Maybe this year you change-up the once-a-year holiday and create a once-a-month special day with your special someone to express your love and affection just for the sake of showing them how much care and love them throughout the year.  Maybe you show them your love and support by attending an event that really means a lot to them personally, even if it may not be something that you are necessarily crazy about.

Maybe you will choose to create your own monthly holiday of giving without expensive trips to the florist or jewelry store and give the gift of time and maybe something as simple as an unexpected hug or I love you here and there to show them how much you truly care and value their influence of love an affection all through the year and not just the jewelry and floral holiday that some corporation created.  Make it your own, make it special and most of all, make it memorable.  So often we find ourselves wrapped up in busy schedules and we forget to give back each week to those that are there for the long-haul through the good, bad and ugly.

So I ask you, how will you show that special someone just how special they are to you all year round?!?  Here’s your chance to create some new traditions and special moments.Love