FEETURES! logoThere are so so so many compression running sock brands out there these days.  Brands enticing you with trendy and colorful designs and options.  But this year I have had the pleasure of working with the Feetures! brand and though they only come in four colors right now, black, white, reflector and pink, they are still by far my favorite sock to run in and here’s why –

Feetures Compression Socks

Anatomical Fit – Anatomical right and left foot design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by helping to eliminate blisters.  Running so much distance in 2013 and early 2014 left my feet completely destroyed.  It took months for the blister on blisters to heal.

Tight Calf Compression – Graduated compression in these socks allows the proper compression at just the right spots for me.  Suffering from achy calf pain during and post runs, the extra tight compression in these socks doesn’t leave me thinking about how much longer do I have to put my calf through this on runs and I can concentrate on other areas that need my attention.

A REAL Sock – Running so much distance in 2013 and early 2014 left my feet completely destroyed.  I have photos, and they are completely disgusting!!  It took months for the blister on blisters to heal.  But that all ended when I finally got my Feetures! compression socks.  They have a real sock with cushion and substance that did not allow for the constant slippage and rubbing that the other brands (that were cute and matched my outfits) left me with post run.  It was disgusting and a lot of pain.  Blister after blister, I couldn’t wait to find a sock that really helped my feet instead of hurting them each week and race day.

Reasonable Price – Most compression brands these days are in the upwards of $60 depending on the color you are looking for.  For me, price means EVERYTHING when I am shopping for running gear.  I mean we spend so much on racing and shoes, sometimes we skimp on other things that really should also get a little extra money to help keep our bodies in good running order.  At just $49 per pair, I think that these socks are A-Mazing for all that they do for you feet.  A steal really, when I think about it and I’M CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

Pensacola Half MarathonSo the next time you are shopping for proper compression socks that do more than just “look pretty” consider checking out this brand!  Optional colors are not always the best “fit” for healthy happy runner feet!

Wishing you swift feet and HAPPY MILES!

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  1. Love feetures! I’m having a giveaway next week on my blog I am so superstitious I refuse to wear any other socks for a race!

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