2014It is the 2nd day of the New Year and you are steaming ahead with all the New Year Resolutions you made, but did you know that only about 39% of the people who made those resolutions will steam ahead to keep them?  In my opinion, based on my success AND failures in 2013 with my resolutions, I think this may be due to the too much too soon approach a lot of us take when faced with making positive changes in lifestyle, etc.  For me, I did amazing for the first three months of the year and by summer I was feeling pretty confident, but with summer comes time to get outdoors, enjoy the beach, have cookouts and test your will to stick to those goals you set at the beginning of the year.  Often I found myself falling down on my goals, but I kept trying to pick myself back up to stay on track.

Here are some simple tips that kept me moving forward instead of backwards in 2013 –

Set GoalsMake a list of things you want to achieve through the course of the year.  Write them all down and keep them in a place you will see or can refer to them often.

Don’t go all in all at once.  I took the all in approach for the first 30 days of 2013 and by April, I was getting burned out.  I changed my focus to concentrate on the things I knew would make the most impact and then moved forward.

Stay on YOUR own journey.  We always see it in our social media feeds, someone is KILLING their New Year New You goals and posting the photos each day as a source of inspiration to spark change in someone else to get started, BUT don’t compare yourself or your effort to someone else’s.  Just because they may be making strides faster than you may be in your resolution journey, don’t give up!  Some people just get there quicker, not because you are not trying hard enough, everyone is just different.  Genetically, physically and emotionally, it’s a fact!

Keep a photo record of your journey, even the photos you would NEVER EVER want to get out for the world to see.  I kept more than 2,000 photos of myself through the course of 2013 and looking back and comparing photos, it made me push harder and want it more.  This helps you tap into your mental and go after those goals.

Don’t give up because you fell off the wagon for one meal, one day or one weekend.  Own your blunders and learn from them.  Figure out what your triggers are and use those as stepping-stones to get past them the next time the situation arises that tempts you.  Most of all, don’t deprive yourself, that just makes the fall off that proverbial wagon that much harder.

So, are you ready to get to work in 2014 and achieve all those goals and resolutions?  What changes do you want to make for 2014 that you have not been able to attain in previous years?

Never Give UPI have three goals that I will share and I will keep them in my head to push me when I need it – Leaner.Faster.Stronger

Now . . . LET’S GET IT DONE!